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T Shirt Cost (all colors)
200gR 41.95
180gR 39.95
160gR 37.95
145gR 34.95

Printing Prices

Units1 ColorSet Up2 ColorsSet Up3 ColorsSet Up
50-100R 6.75R 150R 7.87R 300R 8.92R 450
101-250R 5.92R 150R 7.12R 300R 8.25R 450
251-500R 5.62R 150R 6.75R 300R 7.87R 450
501-1000R 4.37R 150R 6.37R 300R 7.42R 450
1001-2000R 3.92R 150R 4.93R 300R 5.93R 450
2001-3000R 3.68N/CR 4.68N/CR 5.62N/C
3001 +R 3.43N/CR 4.37N/CR 5.31N/C
Units4 ColorsSet Up5 ColorsSet Up6 Colors Set Up
50-100R 10.12R 600R 11.62R 750R 13.12R 900
101-250R 9.37R 600R 10.87R 750R 12.37R 900
251-500R 8.92R 600R 10.42R 750R 11.92R 900
501-1000R 7.18R 600R 8.43R 750R 9.68R 900
1001-2000R 6.87R 600R 7.43R 750R 8.68R 900
2001-3000R 5.25N/CR 5.75N/CR 6.75N/C
3001 +R 4.95N/CR 5.50N/CR 5.95N/C

Please Note: Additional cost for recreating artwork not sent in the correct format R200.00 Please contact us for prices for quantities below 50 units. ALL PRICES EXCLUDE VAT

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