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We Do T Shirt Printing Johannesburg

Say it with a printed t-shirt with our t shirt printing services located in Johannesburg.

Some things in life are simply unavoidable – like breathing, taxes and change. Among the list of inescapable actions is getting dressed in the mornings. Whatever you have to or choose to wear for the day, somewhere in your closet lies a t-shirt.

Screen Print Services has recognised this simple piece of material as so much more:

t shirt printing johannesburg

  • A mobile advertising billboard;
  • A decorative item that can be adorned with pictures or words;
  • A product or company promotional tool; and
  • An extension of individuality and originality

At Screen Print Services T Shirt Printing Johannesburg we transform a simple and popular item of clothing into a customised and functional article by screen printing or embroidering a chosen or designed image, text or logo onto a quality t-shirt, making it work for you in many beneficial ways.

Being an ‘in-your-face’ kind of item, a customised t-shirt certainly catches the eye. It is without doubt an advertisement and serves as a way of getting a message across. With the cost of just about everything aside from fresh air escalating, a customised t-shirt can be an ingenious and cost effective marketing and brand awareness tool for businesses and companies.

Just about any situation can be enhanced by t-shirt printing Johannesburg:

  • Corporate events
  • School outings
  • University/brand events
  • Family or class reunions
  • Tours and travel

Practically any individual or group can benefit from our t-shirt printing services in Johannesburg:

  • Sports teams –  what better way to show dedication and commitment to a squad or club than by proudly displaying its name on a printed t-shirt. The unanimity creates a sense of belonging which ultimately leads to team pride and inspiration.
  • Businesses – brand identities and logos can be further enhanced by constantly being in the public eye. Uniformity is created by employees and staff wearing branded items.
  • Commemorative events – printed t-shirts are a sure way to make a statement, be it for a fundraiser, sponsored event, bachelor party, baby shower or company anniversary. They also make lasting and practical giveaways.
  • Associations – from schools, clubs, churches and other organisations, t-shirt printing enables immediate member recognition.

Screen Print Services’ branch in Johannesburg is set apart from average competitors by truly putting customer needs at the head of the table. We strive for and maintain exceptional service levels from sourcing the high-quality t-shirts we use to assisting with all creative and design needs. Quick turnaround times ensure client satisfaction. Our in-house screen printing facilities and internal creative design team allow us to keep costs low. At Screen Print Services we appreciate the necessity of value for money and assist our clients with various budget options.

Just by considering a printed t-shirt, you are on the constructive path for relaying your message with distinct style and efficacy. It is the perfect and more importantly, affordable way to make a statement, establish your identity or that of your business. Be smart and order a custom t-shirt today!

Screen Print Services : Premier T Shirt Printing Johannesburg!

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